About us


A Spiritual Hospital For Recovery & Discovery

The Mission Of New Seasons Church Is To Love God Through Worship, His Family Through Fellowship; His Community Through Service, And His World Through The Transformational Message Of Jesus Christ.

New Seasons Church Strives To Become A Spiritual Hospital And Training Center. We Are A Lifestyle-Transformational Church Equipping And Building Strong Families And Communities To Exalt Jesus Christ.

Equity Equality
Bible Education
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Healing in Love

Bringing Hope to a Hopeful World.

We believe that The Great Commission, where Jesus calls His people to “…go and make disciples of all nations…” presents a problem for the church that solely invites people to come to it.

That is why the New Seasons Transformation Church is a particularly outward facing church—a movement of people committed to taking the Gospel into every street, and to every person, so we can show the world that no matter where one finds themselves, Jesus is the hope they long for.


We Help People Change Their Lives Today for A Better Future Tomorrow.